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Hummingbird moth pollinates a flower

Using Grasses in your Gardens

30 Jul 2018

Adding grasses to your gardens can add interest, texture, depth and whimsy. Learn about a few of our favourite varieties of grasses.


Using Grasses in your Gardens

Adding grasses to your garden can help to provide interest, texture, depth and whimsy.

Dixieland grass is the perfect addition to a sunny space that needs height. Paired with plants such as agastache (as shown in photo), daylillies or crocosmia you will have a great collection. Its variegated colour contrasts nice with the solid green of shasta daisy leaves as well.Dixieland grass with agastache

Hakonechloa Grass, also known as Japanese Forest Grass is a bright yellow grass that can brighten up any shaded space. Plant these with hostas, coral bells, or astilbe and the contrast is striking. For more impact plant in large quantities.Hakonechloa with astilbe and hosta

Many people are always looking to add a red grass to their garden. Most are tricked into thinking that the red fountain grass you see in the late summer are perennial, when in fact that is an annual in our climate. To add a real red grass to your garden, Red Baron is a great choice. It loves a sunny location and has blood red leaves mixed in amongst the green. To make the red really pop in your garden, pair it with other red foliaged plants like coral bells.

Red baron grass with coral bell and autumn fern

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