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Lorraine; thanks for a wonderful presentation. Wow, everyone was impressed and everyone seemed to get something out of it. I know I will get more requests for you. I must tell you your bouncy personality, your bright voice and your practical honest presentation was just great....I love that you made gardening seem fun instead of like a science - speaking in terms that I could understand. I can't thank you enough for your presentation.



Thank you so much for both of your presentations. They were both very well received. In quickly going through the feedback forms, I can tell you that all but a couple of resident rated you as an "Excellent" presenter and that doesn't happen commonly for all presenters. 

Notable comments/suggestions included: 

Someone commented that they "appreciated your awareness that some gardeners have a low budget" 
Someone else suggested that it would be beneficial is you could group your Shade-loving groundcovers in one section of the presentation and Sun-loving groundcovers in a separate section so that it would be easier to digest the information 
Someone commented that "Angie is a wonderful presenter" There were lots of comments like that :-) 

Under the question: "What would you like to see more of next year?", many residents simply said "Angie!"


Lisa is delightful, did a wonderful presentation, which we all enjoyed very much.


Excellent, great speaker, very animated, charming and knowledgeable. I like the fact that all questions were answered.


I just skimmed through the feedback forms and found numerous compliments to you again. Here's a sample: 

"Love the variety of slides!" 
"Enjoyed plant list in order of slides" 
"Very knowledgeable dynamic speaker" 
"Wonderful speaker - very knowledgeable - great at responding to emails & love the website as well" 
"Very enthusiastic, very confident, very knowledgeable" 
"Angie is amazing, enthusiastic & made me want to go home and garden!" 
"The best so far!" 
"Keep bringing her back"


Great presenter, very motivating...voice projects well, friendly - invites participation and questions. Wow ideas! Knowledge! Love her!

Lorraine thank you, thank you, thank you. 
What a great speaker you are! Every comment card received was positive and we would love to have you back, down the road.
"Best speaker so far"/ "She's delightful, enthusiastic" / "Enjoyable, well presented"

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