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Say My Name

Namesake Plants to Personalize Your Gardens

Gardening is a personal and spiritual past time. It allows us to reflect on our lives, family and friends while exercising our bodies.  Gardens are personal.  What better way to bring personality into your landscape than by dedicating a plant to your loved ones.  In my garden I have Miss Amelia Daylily for my Grandma and Caradonna Salvia for my sister Cara and my mother Donna.  How cool is that?! Next on my list to purchase is Josephine Clematis for my other Grandma.  Hmm....Where to plant her?

Here are some perennials that may strike a chord in your life:

  • Catlin’s Giant Bugleweed (ajuga)

  • Queen Charlotte Japanese Anemone (anemone)

  • Mrs. Bradshaw Geum

  • Sweet Heidi, Rozanne &  Elizabeth Ann Geraniums

  • Ed Murray, Bertie Ferris, Mary Todd, Barbara Mitchell Daylilies (hemerocallis)

  • Dale’s Strain Coral Bells (heuchera)

  • Francee, Paradise Joyce, Paul’s Glory Hostas

  • Beverly Sills, Victoria Falls, Mary Frances, Gerald Darby and Ceasar’s Brother Iris

  • Becky Shasta Daisy (leucanthemum)

  • Sarah Bernhardt & Claire de Lune Peony (paeonia)

  • Mrs. Perry & Patty’s Plum Poppy (papver)

  • David, Laura, Nicky, Lizzy, Natascha Phlox

  • White Nancy Lamium

  • Maya Black Eyed Susan (rudbeckia)

  • Angelina Sedum

  • Rebecca Violet (viola)

  • Christy Speedwell (veronica) or just any kind of veronica

Just For fun...

  • Forget-Me-Nots (myosotis)

  • Double Trouble Helenium - Twins?

  • Lemon Queen Helianthus - For the citrus lover

  • Red Beauty Sempervivum -For the red head in the family

  • Golden Queen Globeflower (Trollius) - For the blonde

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