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Ponds and Water Features

Water features add ambiance and serenity to a garden

waterfall-with-pondBubbling rocks, picturesque ponds, babbling brooks, and cascading waterfalls provide the perfect addition to any garden or landscape. The sound of water soothes and plays with our soul. Our designers have an incredible eye for rock placement, water features, and finishing touches. Our team of landscape professionals can install water features of any size or style to suit your budget and your space. 

Incorporating water not only adds an element of relaxation for us, but also for nature. The birds love to play and splash in bubbling rocks, you can hunt for frogs in the pond, and even add fish to enjoy more creatures in your back yard. Encouraging nature into your landscape also helps with pest control, creating a balanced biodiversity. 

Contact us today to book a complimentary consultation, we would be happy to recommend options for your property, 905-939-8680. For those living in condos or with limited space, we also install bubbling rocks and raised water features on balconies and indoors.

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