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Happy plants are the right plant in the right location with the appropriate growing conditions.

“I love all plants,” says Lorraine Mennen an energetic ‘plantaholic’. She hangs out with other plant lovers. Lorraine and her friends travel to gardens in many countries to learn, to study, admire and be inspired. She is concerned with the well-being of nature and the magic it can provide for others.

Great looking wonderful cheerful plants are happiest when the ground is prepared to receive them…just like when you prepare a nursery prior to bringing home a new baby. You will make sure you have the right bedding, food and supplies. If well prepared for and loved with enthusiasm your plants will perform like wonderful, gratifying children.

Please join us on our adventure of gardening. We, the team at Pathways to Perennials are here to encourage, guide and help you to succeed with your gardening or landscaping initiatives. We create green thumbs.

Plants are categorized by site selection such as drought tolerant, or by specific outcomes such as butterfly attractors and also by colour. We have red, orange, yellow, pink, white, silver, green, blue, and violet bloomers. They come in every shade of those colours as well as tall, medium or tiny. Our plants are categorized by emotion such as romantic, evening garden plants or fragrant relaxed cottage style plants. We have perennials and shrubs for a contemporary look as well as formal, rustic or eclectic.

We do not discriminate one plant or plant lover from another…anyone who loves nature, loves plants and loves to live well outdoors is welcomed here regardless of income level, size of property or amount of experience. We love to bring people and plants together.

Please contact us if you would like assistance planning and designing your own garden space. We offer services for do it yourselfers, where we can design and deliver your plants and leave you to do the heavy lifting, as well as complete garden renovations where you don't have to lift a finger! The opportunities are endless!

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