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The Pathways to Perennials Team

Angie (Mennen) Allen

Angie Allen is co-owner of Pathways to Perennials, a complete landscape design/construct firm since 1980. Angie has been working in the gardens as long as she can remember. Upon graduation from Wilfred Laurier University’s Honours Business Administration program, Angie joined the family business full time. Her degree in business studies with a focus on Human Resources helps Angie relate to clients and employees alike.  Her love of people, plants and the outdoors shines as she spreads her infectious knowledge of low maintenance perennials and natural insect controls with anyone who will listen. Angie’s focus is on how family lifestyle, nature and ecology come together in a garden environment. She and the Pathways team create outdoor rooms that are natural extensions of indoor living – where there’s something to do outdoors, in every season, for every age.

Angie was featured on the Weather Network’s Garden Expert segments, has done speaking engagements across Ontario and has created a Youtube channel to continue educating the masses. 

Nick Mennen

Nick Mennen is co-owner, Senior Landscape Designer and water feature enthusiast of Pathways to Perennials. Born and raised in King Township, Nick was creative from the beginning. After having built his first walkway in the sand before the age of seven, he was destined to become a landscaper. As the son of Armand and Lorraine, Nick has been on job sites full time in the summer since the age of twelve. After graduating from the Horticultural program at Humber College, Nick took to joining the family business full tilt with a true passion for landscape and improving people’s outdoor living. Nick, an award winning landscape designer at Pathways leads his team in bringing his designs to fruition. Hard working and witty, he has a true passion for life.

Lorraine and Armand Mennen

Lorraine and Armand Mennen are the founders of Pathways to Perennials. Creating this business was a dream of Lorraine’s for many years. With a 100-year plan, they are still far from finished projects to enhance their lives outdoors. Enjoying retirement, they love to spend time with their five grandchildren Austin (12), Morgan (10), Olivia (7), Savannah (4) and Chiara (2). You can still find them working in the gardens, creating planters, maintaining their perfect grass, building new outdoor rooms, or relaxing at the cottage. They are happy to watch their children Angie and Nick take over Pathways to Perennials and continue out their 100-year plan.   

Mareike Herzog

Mareike has been with Pathways to Perennials since 2019. An invaluable member of the Pathways to Perennials team, Mareike consistently shows great leadership. Her eagerness to learn shines through each day – new plant identification, new machines, new techniques to stay up to date with new information and to keep jobs running smoothly and efficiently. Mareike completed her Horticulture Technician Apprenticeship through Humber College and continues to be an active member of our landscape installation and garden renovation crew. Her leadership, passion, humour and intuition keep our team laughing while remaining on task. From the day we met Mareike, we knew she would be a perfect fit for our company, culture and work ethic.

Julia Frank

Julia has been a part of our landscape team for five years. What started out as a summer job turned into a real love of the work and a great connection with our team. Her charm, quick wit and knowledge bring a smile to all team members. Julia graduates from York University with her B. Ed. With a passion for learning and for teaching, she instructs and trains crew members as needed in an approachable and adaptable manner. When Julia begins her full time teaching career, she will be the teacher they will always remember – kind, smart, impactful.


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