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Our Promise to You

Our Mission

The mission of Pathways to Perennials is to custom design and construct liveable landscapes that excite and enhance the families we serve in a professional, profitable manner while maintaining an ecological balance.

Our Vision

The vision of Pathways to Perennials is to create an enterprise that celebrates nature, welcomes children, encourages continual education and respects all life.

Pathways to Perennials Guarantee - Our Promise to You:

  • Our promise is to create a landscape design that reflects your family’s outdoor lifestyle.

  • Our dedicated staff will respect your family and property to ensure your experience with Pathways to Perennials is pleasurable and satisfying.

  • We guarantee our design and installation procedures will be done professionally using skillful and proficient techniques.

  • We assure that respect to the environment will be a consideration during the design and installation of your landscape project.

  • You have our word that Pathways to Perennials will help you every step of the way during your exciting addition or transformation to your home and property while respecting your budget and personal design choices.

Our guarantee includes all materials purchased from Pathways to Perennials

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