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Keeping Your Water Features Clean

Introducing a new line of natural water feature treatments to keep your bubbling rocks, streams and ponds looking their best! Microbe-Lift products are all natural enzymes and positive bacteria treatments that provide effective control of water quality issues, while being perfectly safe for all aquatic wildlife!

Microbe-Lift PL is a specially formulated bacteria that reduces organic sludge and debris.  These bacteria ravenously devour excess organic matter in the water, such as excess fish food and waste (pond pollutants), reducing unsightly green goo and improving water clarity. It’s about time you saw your fish again!! Non-temperature sensitive, it can be added as soon as the ice melts.

By harnessing the power of oxygen, Microbe-Lift Oxy Pond Cleaner eliminates odours and destroys stubborn green goblins from rocks and pebbles. Simply sprinkle onto troublesome areas when the pump is off... let it sit and then blast off with the hose! Follow with Microbe-Lift PL to finish the job. It’s simple and easy...never be slimed again! 

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