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Here at Pathways to Perennials, we help you every step of the way. Each season more segments will come out to update viewers on timely information in the garden. We will help to improve the look and health of your garden. From natural insect controls, to veggie planting, to container planting and much more we will provide you with tips, tricks and ideas to enhance and grow your garden!

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding our segments, we're always happy to help!

Gypsy Moth (Spongy Moth) Egg Mass Removal

SEE YOU NEVER GYPSY MOTHS! (If only it were that easy…)
Remember those pesky caterpillars that seemed to be everywhere last year? ?
They’re an invasive species called the gypsy moth (since renamed spongy moth).
Gypsy moth larvae (caterpillars) feed on the leaves of a variety of hardwood species. During severe outbreaks they may also resort to feeding on softwood, and understory shrubs and plants. ?
This puts extra stress on plants and trees making them more susceptible to damage from other pests. ?
Now is the time to start putting preventive measures in place.
If you haven’t already, head over to Instagram give us a follow, and check out our latest reel.
We’re showing you how to get a head start on managing the gypsy month population so you can keep your plants and trees healthy and safe. ?


The video above was shot in June here at Pathways to Perennials. I apologize for the poor filming job... I got excited using a new camera trying to zoom in, so some parts of the video are a litle blurry.

We always speak to visitors about how to create a healthy biodiversity in the garden, and highly encourage natural insect control as well as biological controls to problems in your garden. This video shows you the amazing hatching of hundreds of baby praying mantis! Out of a single egg case between 40 - 400 little praying mantis push each other out and immediately start eating small insects in your garden! As they get bigger they can take on more and more bugs. The praying mantis consumes aphids, beetles, flies, MOSQUITOS, moths, caterpillars, and any other insect they can catch! Call or email to order to praying mantis egg case because as fast as they come in in the spring they're gone! Put your cases aside to avoid disappointment.

Lorraine Mennen speaks about Mosquito Less, a natural product that is used to control mosquitos for up to FOUR weeks!

Angie Mennen speaks about a pest destroying the echinacea plant, the Sunflower Moth Larvae. BTK is the natural solution to help rid your echinacea of these bugs! It needs to be applied on a regular basis as they can create a generation in under a month.

Lorraine Mennen speaks on other methods to deter mosquitos when entertaining guests outdoors.

Lisa Hunter says "your vegetables are for you, not for the bugs," find out how to protect your veggies from bugs, the natural way!

Lisa Hunter speaks about how to combat the back insects in your garden with good insects, like ladybugs! 

Angie Mennen speaks about how to cut back, divide and transplant perennials. She also explains how to care for them if they aren't going right back into the ground.

Lorraine Mennen speaks about ways to jazz up your containers for every season. Using cherubs, garden accessories or unique planters, you can make your planters the envy of your neighbourhood!

Lorraine Mennen speaks about the different ways to squirrel proof your bulbs, especially tulips! Three defense mechanisms that will keep your tulips coming back year after year.

Lorraine Mennen speaks about how to put your garden to bed in the fall. Which plants to leave standing for the birds or winter interest, and which to cut back in order to avoid any bug infestations. 

Lindsay Mennen speaks on how to add colour and interest into your garden in the fall. Fothergilla, Seven Sons and Burning Bush are some of her favs! 

Lorraine Mennen speaks about how to enhance your fall display with different vines, grow vertical! 

Lindsay Mennen speaks about how to enjoy your perennial gardens in more ways than one. She teaches us how to make fragrant and stylish fire burners that can be used for entertaining or for hostess gifts. 

Lorraine Mennen speaks about how to take care of your beautiful bulbs after they have finished blooming. 

Lorraine Mennen speaks about vegetable gardening and how to make it easier and more aesthetically pleasing by using Veggie Boxes and Obelisks!

Lorraine Mennen speaks about a few of the many varieties of herbs available. When entertaining outdoors be sure to add a personal touch by picking fresh herbs from your garden for each of your dishes!

Lorraine Mennen speaks about what to look for when waking up your garden in the Spring. How to tell what is dead, and what is just slow to come up.

Lorraine Mennen of Pathways to Perennials speaks about how to get rid of tent caterpillars in your garden using BTK.

Lorraine Mennen teaches us how to rid our hostas of slugs naturally without costing a thing! Simply grind up egg shells and scatter them around your hostas.

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