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Whether you grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and/or flowers, gardening never gets old. It can be profitable, fruitful, enjoyable and hard work.  The hard work can help with circulation, great arms, legs and abs...the best gym program outside of a personal trainer!

Putting down your own poached pears, making your homemade secret tomato sauce or pesto, freezing edible flowers for an evening cocktail are all benefits of gardening, it is a real life boost to our egos when we can serve something we grew from scratch and cooked to perfection. It not only saves us cash at the grocery store, it also gives us another purpose to stay outside longer each day – it is meaningful, delightful and mesmerizing.

Gardeners are so proud when a flower blossoms for the first season and then comes back. Gardening can be even easier with the help of natural insect controls applied at the correct times. Tasks can be lighter if using the appropriate tools for the job at hand. Your gardening buddies at Pathways to Perennials only sell what we use in the landscape. We are happy to share with you our tried and true methods to reduce your work load in the gardens. Those really interested should sign up for our special events and training workshops. Hope we’ll see you soon.

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