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Garden Art Reno

We are constantly being bombarded with Do-It-Yourself articles and TV shows which are awesome sources for interior inspiration but have you ever stopped to think where does all that old furniture end up.  Most likely location; the dump.  

With the current spotlight on going green doesn’t this sound wrong?  Opportunity knocks! Let’s take a new spin on our outdoor living spaces and turn some of these cast off’s into quirky and intriguing garden art. Here are some ideas on how to make out-dated into chic!

Tired indoor furniture and decor items can be transformed into wonderful accessories for your outdoor oasis.  Any chair or stool (preferably wooden or metal) can easily be transformed into a unique plant stand to support and highlight your favourite planter.  Remove the electrical wiring on broken lamps to transform them into beautiful candle holders for adding outdoor ambiance.  Simply remove the shades or switch to battery operated candles for the same effect only safer.  Brass head boards transform into gorgeous garden gates or use them as ornate supports for your favourite climbing vine.  Picture frames are interesting ways to highlight your star garden performers.  By removing the glass and hanging them in front of the chosen bloomer you can create an art gallery in your own backyard.  The best part is these are movable so you can frame whichever garden gem is worthy at the time.   

Creating a vignette display of furniture in a secluded nook would add whimsy and mystery reminiscent of a lost secret garden.

Let’s not leave out the kitchen sink.  Old countertops and sinks make the perfect work surfaces for a brand new potting bench or garden shed.

Bathroom renos are a plethora of new ideas.   Can you think of any bigger of a conversation piece than a planted toilet brimming with a colourful floral display...too much?  I think not! 

Fixtures and sinks create one of a kind water features.   Shower heads and faucets can be quirky additions to any existing pond or water garden.   If you are lucky enough to be in possession of a claw footed bath tub you may be the proud owner to be of the perfect plug and go water garden.  Simply situate the tub in an area that receives a minimum of 6 hours of sun, fill with water and your favourite aquatic plants then plug in the pump.   A minimum pump size will be 200 gallons per hour.  How about adding a shower head too (this will require a larger pump)!  You can even add fish!  

Time for a trip to the attic!  Just think of all the forgotten treasures to give a new home.

Show us what you’ve got!  Send us your reno-rehabs for a chance to win your own personal garden coach!

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