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Gardening Tips for EarwigsEarwigs are nocturnal and love it damp and dark... moisture is their friend. When there is a lot of rain, these pesky creatures seem to pop up everywhere in your gardens, while having an all you can eat buffet effect on your plant material! To solve this problem, here is an organic and simple to use recipe to that will rid these “friends” for good!

Mix Together:           

  • 1 tbsp of oil

  • 5 drops of dish soap

  • 3 drops of protein (like a cod liver oil or fish oil) - this will attract them to your mixture

Place your mixture into a recycled plastic margarine container. Cut out holes at the top of the container (this is where the earwigs are going to crawl in). Put the lid back on and hid it in your garden where the most damage seems to be.

Remember: Earwigs feed at night, so be sure to have your trap out before dusk and clean it out the next day.

Warning: The first couple of days may be really gross! (You probably have a lot more “friends” than you care to see!) Simply empty the trap and refill it and you should notice a decrease in the guys hanging around and the chewing of your plants fairly quickly.

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