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Hummingbird moth pollinates a flower

Leisurecraft Saunas

Our passion for living well outdoors began in 1980, when we started Pathways to Perennials, creating outdoor rooms, backyard oasis' and bringing people and nature together in an ecologically friendly manner. It was a natural progression to add outdoor saunas to our available products as we ourselves and many of our clients are always conscious of healthy living. We couldn't be more thrilled to become a distributor of Leisurecraft Saunas. A family operated company located in Dundalk Ontario. They pride themselves on being an eco-friendly company that buys wood from replenishing and sustainable mills that take the environment seriously. Reducing our eco footprint by using sustainable goods, installing perennial gardens to support the pollinators, and planting trees to filter clean air are a few of the ways we can work towards a better future.

If you are looking to add a sauna to contribute to more health benefits, we would be happy to help you find the perfect style, size and shape sauna for your particular space. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Dundalk Collection

Leisurecraft Barrel Sauna
Barrel Saunas - From $8,999

Leisurecraft Luna Sauna
Luna Saunas - From $13,499

Leisurecraft Pod Sauna
Pod Saunas - From $11,999

Leisurecraft Cabin Sauna
Outdoor Cabin Saunas - From $13,499

Leisurecraft Indoor Cabin Sauna
Indoor Cabin Saunas - From $11,999


Pure Cube Collection

Pure Cube Outdoor Saunas - From $10,499

Pure Cube Indoor Sauna
Pure Cube Indoor Saunas - From $10,799


Canadian Timber Collection

Canadian Timber Mini Pod Sauna
Minipod - From $8,299

Canadian Timber Granby Sauna
Granby - From $8,499

Canadian Timber Georgian Sauna
Georgian - From $

Canadian Timber Harmony
Harmony - From $8,499

Canadian Timber Serenity Sauna
Serenity - From $8,999

Canadian Timber Tranquility Sauna
Tranquility - From $9,499

Canadian Timber Luna Sauna
Luna - From $9,999

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