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How to Order your Best Custom Container

10 Sep 2018

Ordering custom arrangements sometimes seems daunting, or most commonly heard 'expensive'. However ordering an arrangement with us, we put you in charge. Follow our three steps to ordering your best custom arrangement and you won't be disappointed. When we only charge for materials used and not for design labour, our arrangements would cost the same as if you had done them yourselves! Save you time, mess and hassle by ordering yours today.

1. Pick your Style

What style are you looking for? Contemporary and modern? Traditional? Naturals? Sparkle and Flare? Select based on photos, what you see in store or if you have photos from arrangements you like please bring them in and we can use them as inspiration. Another important question is – how are your containers seen? Do you see them only from the front? All the way around? Three sides? This is crucial in designing the planter that will fit your space.


2. Pick your Colours

What is your colour scheme for this year? Are you a traditional red and green?  Add some sparkle with gold or silver? Do you like burgundy better than red? Birch? Glitter branches? Vine balls?

Colours available below – if you don’t see desired colour please ask as we have limited quantities of other colours in stock.

Natural browns
Yellow Dogwood
Red Dogwood
Red glitter
Gold glitter
Silver glitter
Chocolate glitter


3. Pick your Price Point - We do not charge any design labour

Once your style and colours are chosen, there is only one step left – price point! What did you want to spend on your arrangement? Generally outdoor urn arrangements start around $50 each and go up from there. We use a minimum of three varieties of greens in each arrangement, and two varieties of pods (decorative sticks, vine balls, cups, etc – the part that adds the colour!). Depending on how large and elaborate your arrangement will determine materials required. However, if we are given a price point we will stay within your budget. If you are looking to add items like lanterns, fairy lights, and obelisks in be sure to include those in your budget and let us know which ones you decide on so that we can incorporate them.

Ordering custom arrangements sometimes seems daunting, or most commonly heard ‘expensive’. When we are only charging for the materials used, it seems like a no brainer! It would cost you the same as if you had made them yourselves, not to mention much easier. All the mess is left with us!

We custom create outdoor urn arrangements, indoor arrangements, centrepieces, wreaths, swags, mantles, table runners and garland. For best selection order early. You can call – 905-939-8680, email – or stop in during our open hours to order your custom arrangements. We would be thrilled to build them for you!

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