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  • Aphid Alert!
    You may at some point notice the growing tips of your plants start to curl and contort. On closer inspection some of the leaves may have a sticky substance on them and there may even be ants crawling around. Chances are your plant has aphids.
  • Earwigs
    Earwigs are nocturnal and love it damp and dark... moisture is their friend. When there is a lot of rain, these pesky creatures seem to pop up everywhere in your gardens, while having an all you can eat buffet effect on your plant material!
  • Grubs and Nematodes - The Who, What, Where, When and How?
    Most of us who have owned a lawn are familiar with White Grubs. These white ‘c’ shaped creatures are destructive lawn pests that chew the roots of grass plants causing large irregular brown patches. This damage is evident in early spring as well as late summer.
  • Ladybugs
    Ladybugs are an excellent beneficial insect and the native ones do not bite or go into your home. They only eat aphids and other soft bodied pest insects and insect eggs. Adults are orange and black beetles that feed on aphids, mites, scales, thrips, whiteflies and beneficial insect food.
  • Lily Beetles
    If you have Asiatic lilies in your landscape then you have at some point probably asked yourself ‘What’s eating my Lilies?” I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you have encountered the dreaded Lily Leaf Beetle.
  • Maple Bladder Gall Mites
    If you have ever looked closely at the leaves of your red or silver maple tree then you may have noticed small wart-like bumps covering the surface. Don’t panic! These bumps are the result of a tiny mite insect called Maple Bladder Gall Mites.
  • Powdery Mildew
    In summer, it’s common to see beloved plants turn from beautiful green foliage to a spotty gray mess. This is caused by a fungus called powdery mildew. We tend to see powdery mildew outbreaks more during years that are humid or damp.
  • Pruning 101
    Pruning select trees and shrubs prior to spring gives a better visual of branches, without flowers and foliage getting in the way.
  • Viburnum Leaf Beetles
    Viburnums are a wonderful group of deciduous shrubs for the landscape. They have stunning fall colour, lovely white or pink flowers in spring, followed by red or purple/black berries in fall that are irresistible to birds. Unfortunately, this gem of a plant is also irresistible to a certain insect as well.

Landscape Design

  • Celebrating Wildlife In A Family Garden
    A wise person once said, whatever you were doing passionately between the ages of 7-10 is what you were probably meant to do as your full time employment. I was hiking the fields, climbing trees for hide and seek, collecting snakes, bugs and animals and frogs…
  • Garden Art Reno
    We are constantly being bombarded with Do-It-Yourself articles and TV shows which are awesome sources for interior inspiration but have you ever stopped to think where does all that old furniture end up. Most likely location; the dump.
  • Plant Palettes
    It’s surprising how such a common vivid colour can be so hard to find in a flower (at least for perennials). Red is part of the warm colour family which mean that in the garden it pops and gives the illusion of being closer than it appears.
  • Say My Name - Namesake Plants to Personalize Your Gardens
    Gardening is a personal and spiritual past time. It allows us to reflect on our lives, family and friends while exercising our bodies. Gardens are personal. What better way to bring personality into your landscape than by dedicating a plant to your loved ones.
  • Walkways, Patios and Decks, Oh my!
    When considering seating areas, pathways and outdoor dining rooms for your landscape there are hundreds of types of surfaces available. Choosing the wrong material for an area can be a frustrating and costly mistake. With some planning and a bit of guidance the outcome can be extraordinary.

Perennials, Trees & Shrubs

  • Garden Geometry 101
    When it comes to choosing plants for a garden, many factors come into play. Too often than not these factors and choices become over whelming. When looking at any type of design whether it be art work or interior decorating, colour is the first factor that we tend to notice.
  • Reach Out and Touch Plants
    Look at the way the colours play off of one another. Listen to the sound of the reeds as they dance in the wind. Let the fragrance embrace you taking you back to your childhood. Savour the taste of the first ripe tomatoe of the season.
  • The Grilling Garden - Smokin' Plants to Enhance Your Backyard BBQ
    Who says gardening is girly? Add some spice to your backyard entertaining by planting a garden devoted to the grill. It is best to situate this garden bed as close to the BBQ/grill as possible. Of course we will be adding some favourite edibles because there is nothing more impressive than being able to harvest what you need on the spot!
  • Trees and Shrubs to Attract Birds
    Birds provide eco-friendly insect control for your garden. Insect eating species of birds control pests at every stage of life. They’ll eat insect eggs, larvae and adults. Barn swallows and purple martins can consume pounds of mosquitoes.

Water Features

  • Designing With Water
    I double dog dare you to find a picture of an award winning landscape design that doesn’t contain some form of a water feature. Water gardens, ponds, bubbling rocks, plug-and-go fountains, bird baths…there are hundreds of way to do it, so why haven’t you? Not only can a water feature bring a calming movement to the garden but it can also (and possibly more importantly) bring a slurry of attention from our most beloved creatures.
  • Keeping Your Water Features Clean
    Introducing a new line of natural water feature treatments to keep your bubbling rocks, streams and ponds looking their best! Microbe-Lift products are all natural enzymes and positive bacteria treatments that provide effective control of water quality issues, while being perfectly safe for all aquatic wildlife!
Landscape Design

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