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Garden Art and Accessories

Sculpture Garden

Captivating gardens form an amazing and almost enthralling presentation of plant combinations with comfortable furnishings and remarkable focal points. Every turn should bewitch or amuse the visitor making them travel further into the depths of your magnificent garden.

Garden architectural elements are solidifying relationships between the gardeners' unique personality and the natural world outdoors. Architecture adds class, intellect and charm to an existing landscape. From sculpted walls, trellis, arbors and entrance gates, to limited edition bronze sculpture water fountains, pottery and one of a kind works of art…architectural elements are here for the choosing for every ones taste and budget.

The Sculpture Garden at Pathways to Perennials is creating quite a buzz. Our unique boutique garden centre is fast becoming a destination for gardeners and discriminate collectors. Please visit Pathways to Perennials and tour alone at no charge or book a guided cultural tour by International Artist Brett Davis (fee to be quoted).

To view some or Brett Davis’ work, please visit

Garden Art & Accessories

Dare to stand out from your friends, colleagues and ‘the experienced’ garden horticulturalists in your life and declare your personality. Trite or overused objects are equivalent to pinstriped suits and jet black ties; boring and predictable. Why copy the unoriginal? And garden gnomes or mushrooms or anything plastic is not acceptable.

Very ordinary properties are intriguingly transformed using artistic relics, a little theatrical flair, and if the budget allows fine garden art. No matter what size your plot is –‘fab’ (fabulous) is in and boring is out. Every turn should captivate your attention.

Life would be intolerable if we were not to dream. And dream big we should. It is a commitment to continued enjoyment. A garden is never finished. A property is never perfect. While dreaming and working stress melts away and a kind of impish energy replaces fatigue.

A garden allows umpteen opportunities to display, create and explore. Bringing plants and people together in a magical oasis in your own backyard is mesmerizing. It can be an emotional escape from modern life.

We’ll find rare and unusual treasures to maximize your secret space. From fine art by International artist, Brett Davis, to colourful outdoor wall art, unusual classic planters, forged iron and antique gates we have something for everyone, for every style and for every budget.

At Pathways to Perennials, our team can help you bring panache to your butterfly world and create with you, the most sought after property on the street.

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