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Hummingbird moth pollinates a flower

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Angie Allen
11 Oct, 2017

Just because the gardening season is winding down, doesn't mean our gardens have to look drab and boring. Add colour and structure with shrubs!

Angie Allen
11 Oct, 2017

Order your Kriss Kringle Fraser Fir Christmas Tree before October 31st and receive 25% off. For complete pricing read more.

Angie Allen
03 Aug, 2017

This year Japanese beetles have no preference on what their next meal is. They are eating our birch trees, hydrangeas, geraniums, primula, and even our KALE! Working together in groups, these beetles generally are most active on sunny, warm days and start at the top of a plant working their way downward. They can defoliate trees, shrubs and flowers very quickly. We are emptying thousands of beetles every couple days from the traps we have strung up around our gardens! Learn how to treat this infestation of Japanese Beetles.

Angie Allen
27 Apr, 2017

It’s that time of year again, the bulbs are starting to show their faces, and just as they are starting to bloom, someone comes along and nips off their heads! There are many culprits to this problem – deer, rabbits and even squirrels and chipmunks. Not to fear, Bobbex is here!


Angie Allen
10 Mar, 2017

With mounting concerns of pollinator decline and the negative impact it has on our communities, average families can pull together in focused conservation. Families can become native bee keepers. This enriching educational experience for all ages will impact our environment in a blooming good way. Whether you live on a large rural property, a city lot or have a small balcony, you can take care of bees.

Join us in saving the bees!


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