Pathways to Perennials!

Pathways to Perennials is open Tuesdays - Saturdays 10am - 6pm. 

Blossom Cafe is now closed for the season.

Pathways to Perennials Winter Hours – EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1ST
Thursdays 12pm – 7pm
Fridays 12pm – 7pm
Saturdays 10am – 6pm

We close for the season on Saturday December 13th at 6pm. Happy Holidays and we'll see you all again in the spring!


People come to us for assistance when faced with a landscape challenge, a new home and garden or a landscape renovation. For your convenience, our experienced team built structures, stone walls, various patios, and landscape vignettes at our landscape design centre. We incorporated unique water features, structures and furnishings into our display gardens for your education and inspiration. Our plant benches are full of perennials, vines, small trees and fabulous shrubs to solve any landscape need.

Everyone loves a beautiful garden filled with colour, life and fragrance, but many gardeners lack the knack of putting the plants together. At Pathways to Perennials we love the opportunity to bring plants and people together in four season harmony. Feel free to call ahead and book a complimentary plant advisory consultation.

Our boutique intrigues the annual shopper, the avid gardener and the visitor from out of town. Not only do we offer awesome plant collections; we have great products for home and garden living, as well as excellent gift ideas for birthdays, weddings or hostess surprises.

Blossom Café, our most tasty addition to our destination boutique garden centre appeals to both chowhounds and trail trekkers. Visitors can enjoy a three course chef –prepared lunch or simply soup, quiche or salad.  Bus tours, private parties and corporate munch-and-meets are encouraged to make lunch reservations to avoid disappointment. Many hikers, bikers and local business people pop in for quick specialty coffees, teas and chef baked sweets.

Our team, at Pathways to Perennials helps people to live well outdoors in all seasons with great friends, quality food and superior gardens.


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